Fantasy Island part 5- H2O and BOI's....

Another reminder that this part of my second article for the Galveston Wizard! "Fantasy Island"

H2O on the seawall and BOI‘s on the west end.……………………

I hung with Hott and McHard until T called and told me that he was home. Here’s the thing, I was soo tired by then I kept missing the right turns. I had to call him back 4 or 5 times. Truly, I’m usually good with directions, but I was toast between the sun and the massage. Let’s just say T was relieved when he opened the door and saw me standing there, he was kind of expecting someone with a “pretty face” and a “good personality”. How great is it that he opened up his home to me without even meeting me before! What would I say right now? Yes, I’m a lucky you know what!
I quickly took a shower and we headed back to H2O. I’m obsessed with Mohito’s right now and they have great ones. A couple of T’s friends met us there, ( they are opening a wine bar on the strand called Bacchus) we sit down under one of the pergola’s and next thing we know, we were run out of our section by this bridal party. There is noooo way we wanted to hang out with 20 goofy chicks, and no, they weren’t hot or cool. They just kept infringing on our territory under one of the pergola’s. Yes, OUR territory. Do I have to keep reminding you, we know people! Hahahaha
H2O has a great bar setup. From most vantage spots you can see most of the bar and that is great for people watching. The bar is hoping day or nite! They have two pergola’s with a series of fixed benches and a few moveable chairs. What I liked was that with the chairs you could kind of close the area off and make it into a VIP area. Of course its not cool if you have to share it with a bunch of moochers! The rest of the bar area is slightly tiered, again whoever designed this was great. I know good design when I see it, I went to school for interior design for a year or so! Of course that makes me an expert! (sarcasm)
After H2O, we went to Captain Jack’s on the Seawall. They are located in front of the Holiday Inn and I just love it there! (More about Abe next month!) I have to tell you that every Thurs evening from July 10th to the 31st Patrice Pike will be playing at Captain Jacks. The show will start around 6 p.m. I know if you go to her website you will recognize her, She was on that reality show Rockstarr with Tommy Lee. When I was talking to Abe about her, I didn’t realize that that was Patrice, I loved her on the show!!! Patrice has a very large following and her fans will go to the ends of the earth to see her, from Austin to Dallas to Galveston to Timbuktu! If you want a good seat I would get there early.
We finished out our evening hanging with some BOI’S down on the west end. For y’all who don’t know, BOI is Born on Island! Sorry, can’t name names, as I really liked them and since we had a great time, I want to do it again! And again! (mind, gutter) See, sometimes I can keep my mouth shut.


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