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David Farland is guest blogging on depression etc..

David Wolverton who has published under both his pen name David Farland, has penned nearly fifty science fiction and children's books. Dave has been a Judge for one of the world’s largest writing contest, WRITERS OF THE FUTURE! Fiction and fantasy novels for both adults and yound adults.

David Farland will be guest blogging here on Oct 28th! Ask him anything...This blog is specially designed toward the artistic mind and depression, anxiety, bipolar, borderline personality disorder.... Questions about WRITING, ACTING, SCREENPLAY'S anything goes. If you miss this chance, you will regret it. !!!!! Hit me up with a message on my gmail. All questions are anoymous. You can post your questions on my last blog and don't leave a signature. Please do this. Creative minds can be confusing and we are not alone
This blog is to let us artistic types to know we are not alone. That goes for Writers, Actors, Artist's, Designers, Musicians etc. Please feel free t…