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Michigan Film Tax Incentive and Music Videos:Protekted Records featuring P-Live

Protekted Records  (P-Live) Written by Hope Cobb Crenshaw for Michigan Movie MagazinePhotography by Joe Gall and Diana LevineUnless you’ve been hiding under a rock (the size of Montana!), you know that Hollywood has arrived!  It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that the 42% Michigan Film Refundable Tax Credit also applies to the music industry.  Everything from the wages the studios pay the big stars, to equipment & editing can be applied to this refund.  That sounds good to me! Instead of a credit against taxes owed, this is a REFUND.  Can you imagine receiving 42% of you’re expenditures for the year?  That is a mind blowing idea.   No wonder every buddy and their brother are arriving en masse.  I imagine a caravan o’ trucks, trailers and limo’s speeding along America’s highways in a line that stretches as far as the eye can see!  A modern age gold rush, straight to us! As you and I speak, countless music video producers are taking advantage of this huge tax credit.  In the last 2 ye…