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My opinion of the acting schools I've attended so far..

The first class I went to was Michigan Actors Studio in Ferndale. We worked on theater games and were each given a monologue to work on for the "semester". We worked on the same monologue every week. This was Acting 1 (I think, beginners class) and since i've had some experience before this, I wasn't as happy because I was past this point. I do wish we were able to pick our own monologues. The teacher was a great guy and I think they just need to tweek that class alittle bit. I would have loved some feedback. Here, It is all about who teaches your class and they do have great teachers. You just have to find the right one.
My bf took the second class at MAS and it was more geared toward  commercials and industrial videos. That is great because if we loose the incentive, this is what is going to pay our bills as actors.

 My second class, that I am currently taking is at The Actors Workshop in Royal Oak and I love it. We do relaxation techniques and repetition, a exerc…

Acting Schools and Private Coaches: THE list

Once again i am posting a note from a friend and not an original work. My brain is going to explode so If you don't like it, go jump off a building! This is a very comprehensive list of acting schools in Michigan and a few out of town. If you want to act, you need training. Even the most polished actors continually hone their craft. How else do you think they got so good?

By Donavan Darius

Many people have asked me how to get into acting. One step is to learn the craft of . . . wait for it . . . acting. Below is a list of acting schools and workshops. I will only leave notes for classes that I have attended and can speak from experience on. My comments are opinions based on my experience there. My personal philosophy is that everyone has something you can learn from. Find the school that is right for you and go with it. There are no favorites here, simply a list of resources. Some of those listed also offer Voice Lessons and childrens acting.
Also note: Most Universities and coll…

Real Style....How to save the incentives

Today, Kathy and Rose from Real Style answered all of my questions on how to save the movie incentive.  I want to share this with you. This email was sent out to all Real Style Extras. I hope to GOD they don't mind that I posted this, I probably could have asked first but that takes too long. If they get mad, I'll take this post down but anyone in the biz needs to read this.

You can find them on facebook at Real Style Extras Casting & Talent and online @
March 9, 2011

To Our Real Style Extras:

Last week, we attended the Michigan Film First Meeting at the Troy Marriott. As a result of that meeting, a game plan has been set in motion for our fight to save jobs in the film industry and to continue its growth in Michigan. First, you should know that this is an issue we can win but it will take a strong effort and sustained pressure.   Our Industry’s message to our Legislators, family, friends and community must stay focused, positive and concise.  Here ar…

Keep Calm and Save the Michigan Film Incentive!

"The man in the suit has just bought a new car on the

            profits he's made on your dreams"-   By Traffic
This is just a short rant about the film incentives. No news here that you can't find on the web, but i'd like to post a few of my friends very good articles here...

Gina has started a movement to create awareness about how important the film incentive is to all of us. For people on Facebook, change your profile pic to this amazing graphic designed by Gina by clicking on this link.

A Note from my good friend and great artist and Actor Victor Pytko.

The End. Roll Credits.."In Memory of Michigan's film industry- "Murdered at birth"

As I understand it, when the film makers set up in Michigan, they come with crew usually selected by capability, experience, availability and recommendations. While it may be true that producers have been bringing in …