My opinion of the acting schools I've attended so far..

The first class I went to was Michigan Actors Studio in Ferndale. We worked on theater games and were each given a monologue to work on for the "semester". We worked on the same monologue every week. This was Acting 1 (I think, beginners class) and since i've had some experience before this, I wasn't as happy because I was past this point. I do wish we were able to pick our own monologues. The teacher was a great guy and I think they just need to tweek that class alittle bit. I would have loved some feedback. Here, It is all about who teaches your class and they do have great teachers. You just have to find the right one.
My bf took the second class at MAS and it was more geared toward  commercials and industrial videos. That is great because if we loose the incentive, this is what is going to pay our bills as actors.

 My second class, that I am currently taking is at The Actors Workshop in Royal Oak and I love it. We do relaxation techniques and repetition, a exercise to be able to respond to the emotions of the other actors quickly first. I need the relaxation exercises as i am a hyper girl! We then do a few improv scenes and now we are doing 2 person scenes that we take home and memorize. I like that at this school you are  working quickly. They also have a Saturday class that you can  drop in on for free if you are signed up with another class. It does seem to be centered alot on theater but that is just my opinion. You should take theater classes if you want to be well rounded as an actor. This class is a lot of fun and I am learning alot.. Brian and Aida make you feel comfortable right off the bat and are great to work with. I am looking forward to the advance classes.

Then we have Chris Bondy at the Dramatic Arts Studio in Ferndale.. Chris Bondy is a no-nonsense teacher who tells you how it is. He is very outgoing and will say just about anything, just like me! He is a total sweetheart and takes a personal interest in each student. I thoroughly love his class and will definitely be taking the next session. Be ready to work hard! One of my favs. I have just started these classes except for the one at Michigan Actors Studio. Beware...if you don't like outgoing, funny, quirky and spontaneous teachers, go somewhere else. But you will be missing out on the best. I will let you know at the end of the class what i think!

I have not tried the actors loft but i might sit in on a class....

NOTE: These are all my observation's and they could be wrong or just not your opinion, if you have any questions, just leave a comment and I will get back to you.


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