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I'll get you my pretty...

Witchcraft, Wicca, Devil worship, old crones eating babies, hexes and that Voo-Doo-that-you-do-so-well, you and I have been conditioned to think these things when you hear the word Witch and now according to The Guardian, young women everywhere are flocking to witchcraft. Lock up your virgin’s! Witches are on the loose. But this isn’t your great-great-great-great- grandmothers witchcraft, or is it?

Every generation or so you hear about a resurgence in interest in the natural spiritual arts, whether it is witchcraft, Wicca, Shamanism or tree hugging. It is not a true resurgence according to Sandra Stevens, owner of At Mystic Mountain in Royal Oak, Michigan, but people feeling more comfortable to come out of the closet about their beliefs.  Practitioners of Witchcraft have been persecuted for centuries and still are in less educated and more superstitious parts of the world.

 “People are not more interested in Witchcraft now than they have before, it is just more acceptable for people …