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Street Kings: Motor City

Street Kings: Motor City byHope Cobb , Published in Michigan Movie Magazine
Images courtesy of20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Hope Cobb

Detroit is rapidly becoming the urban action film setting of choice for Hollywood.Productions 
like Red Dawn, Kill The Irishman, Transformers 3, Detroit 1-8-7, and Real Steel have flocked 
to Detroit to take advantage of the abundant, relatively barren cityscapes, and film friendliness.  
MMM recently had the opportunity to visit with Street Kings: Motor City, one of the latest films 
to take advantage of Detroit’s post-industrial back lot.

Street Kings: Motor City stars acclaimed actors Ray Liotta (Goodfellas) and Shawn Hatosy 
(Southland, Public Enemies). Liotta plays Marty Kingston, who is shot and barely survives 
while trying to save his partner during an undercover drug bust.  Four years later, after his 
partner is killed, he teams up with Detective Dan Sullivan (Hatosy) to investigate multiple 
brutal slayings of fellow officers.
“Street Kings, was…