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National Lampoon's Federal Vacation: Still Searching for Mr. Mojito…

Still Searchin.....

 It does seem like my whole trip to Washington was nothing but mojito’s, though I did spend a couple days doing the “tourist” thing. I took the Metro to Alexandria one day, in my “cute” shoes and made it about 5 blocks before I had to sit down and have a refreshment.  The shops were impossibly cute, but definitely not cheap.  Of course as I waited for The Metro, low and behold the Amtrak rolls by. Seriously??? I am forever traumatized. Why did I take The Metro? Because I "thought" it was an underground train. I was wrong, it goes above ground after awhile. Great.
By the time we left all I wanted to do was kick my shoes off and go to sleep.  The next day I even did the double-decker bus tour around D.C.  Another 96 degree day, but luckily I had bought a hat after my facial that morning at the Red Door Spa.  The only place to get any airflow was on top, so you were baking in the sun the whole ride.  Thank god for the lady who told me to hold onto that hat be…

How to handle a muddler..... Cuban Style.

Here is the way you can tell if a bartender knows his stuff. Making a Mojito that is!
1- He knows his way around a muddler, and is very good at it!
2- He knows size does matter and you need at least 2 inches in the bottom

3- No fake stuff here, only pure sugar cane or good old fashioned simple syrup.
4- Can't forget the lime. At least have a lime.  "You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up" and yes, there is no coconut in the mohito. Just a random thought!
5-Crushed Ice, perferably by hand. It just makes a better presentation.
6- Light Cuban Rum (if you can get it and we all love Cuban men, I mean Cuban rum.)

6-Top it off with Soda and you are a VERY satified customer.
I am obsessed as you can see since part of this post was in another post! I just added to it! muah.

National Lampoon's Federal Vacation: Searching for Mr. Mojito…

For The Metropolitan D'Etroit                        

Some people search for the perfect steak, I search for the perfect Mojito. If they don’t have mint, I get crabby and sulk for a good five or ten minutes. Anything more is out of character for me, even over a good mojito. I’ll just get a pomegranate martini instead.  Our first stop after changing out of our traveling clothes was The W Hotel.  The W is a hotel you probably have seen featured in every design magazine around the world, the haunt of the chic and fabulous.  The lobby is not merely for checking into your hotel suite, it is a world class lounge. 

We weren't having dinner so we sat our tired butt's at the bar and put Bill to the test. I sat in awe as Bill, our bartender, put ice into a black cloth napkin and proceeded to crush the ice by hitting it with a spoon. It is fair to say that my opinion of a good bartender was forever changed and I am now a jaded person.  And I also know I suck as a bartender in compar…

National Lampoon's Federal Vacation... PART 2

Since the first trip on the train was just so much fun, we decided to drive to our next small vacation in Buena Vista, Virginia.  We were attending a writing workshop with World famous Orson Scott Card, of Ender’s Game fame at Southern Virginia University.  Orson Scott Card has authored many NY Times Bestsellers and a great guy to boot.  This was my first writing workshop and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I will get into more detail in another post.

“Why didn’t you just fly you silly birds?” you ask. “Because we were going to Washington, D.C. two weeks later you brat, and it sounded like a good way to save some money.” I said. Maybe I can keep this part of the story short and just say that 9 hours in a car both ways, with two days of sitting still for 9 hrs a day in a class room is just what my ADD was asking for. The class was great but my bum hurt for days!
Oh, I can’t forget the part about driving thru the mountains with rain coming at us sideways.  Neither of us have ever driven thru …