National Lampoon's Federal Vacation: Searching for Mr. Mojito…

For The Metropolitan D'Etroit                        

Some people search for the perfect steak, I search for the perfect Mojito. If they don’t have mint, I get crabby and sulk for a good five or ten minutes. Anything more is out of character for me, even over a good mojito. I’ll just get a pomegranate martini instead.  Our first stop after changing out of our traveling clothes was The W Hotel.  The W is a hotel you probably have seen featured in every design magazine around the world, the haunt of the chic and fabulous.  The lobby is not merely for checking into your hotel suite, it is a world class lounge. 

The W Hotel lounge, Photos by Hope

We weren't having dinner so we sat our tired butt's at the bar and put Bill to the test. I sat in awe as Bill, our bartender, put ice into a black cloth napkin and proceeded to crush the ice by hitting it with a spoon. It is fair to say that my opinion of a good bartender was forever changed and I am now a jaded person.  And I also know I suck as a bartender in comparison.. I mention that the napkin was black as the lobby was decorated in black, red and white with soaring 20’ or more ceilings.

Everchanging light show at The W. Photos by Hope
 The chandeliers slowly changed over the coarse of the day from pale pink to purple. My mojito was perfection and I could have had three more (than the three I already had) if it wasn’t only 5 in the afternoon or the fact that I would be prowling the streets of Washington by myself the next day.  I did not want to pass out on the steps of The White House.

Photo by Hope, The W Lobby

My next mohito was at The Old Ebbitt Grill.  I knew if I didn’t put The Ebbitt on my list, an uproar would ensue. But I was only in town for a couple days and I can’t eat everywhere can I? They are famous for their oyster’s on the half shell but I wanted to see if they could compete with Bill. Alas, Bill was still in first place but my steak salad was great. I like my steak mooing (take THAT flying cow’s).  I do declare they cook a mean Filet Mignon.  Maybe I should add salad’s next to mojito’s on my To-Do list of D.C.

Old Ebbitt Main dining room,  picture from Ebbitt grill Website
The Café Du Parc at The Willard Intercontinental was next on my list as It was only steps from our Hotel and The White House. The Café has a wonderful ambiance, but their Mojito stank, or maybe that was the exhaust from all the tour buses idling nearby. Bartenders listen up! You need almost half a lime in a good mohito and if you don’t get a workout muddling the mint then you are not working hard enough.  Check out my article on How to make a good Mojito!

Photo by Hope

To be cont...


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