Am I pouting right now? Yes, I fricking am, so you are just going to have to deal with it.
I was up very late last night (boo-hoo) partying with the cool kids and I just want to go to sleep right now. First things, first. My trip to Galveston is going to have to wait. Why, you ask? Weeelll, I guess that the schools are not open yet and even if they were, they wouldn't be very safe. A little birdie told me that rusty nails have been found in the school yard and UTMB is not up and working. The (ARMY?) set up a military style triage to stablize patients, (yes, they will stop your amputated limb from bleeding you out) then they will have to fly you up to houston. Sounds like a good plan to me. NO! Soooo, no school, no daycare on the island,no hospital and no mommy bringing her two little ones to Galvatraz. I think that name has never been more fitting, than at this time! Do you?

Still no room at the inn. It's amazing how the rental prices seem to go up in a time when people need all the money they can get. God, all i am trying to do is get down there to help. Yes, I need to make money also, but I just want to help. This is a time when people need to price their jobs fairly, and don't try and screw people over. I would love it if I was rich enough just to come and volunteer my time but I'm not. Now, if someone wants to help me so I can help other people that would be fricking amazing, but I don't think that is going to happen. God, usually I'm a very optimistic person, but i'm feeling pissy again. oh well, what are you going to do, except maybe try and help me out? haha

So, i'm going to bide my time here in the burbs of Detroit, MI and finish what I started quite awhile ago, my textile designs. If I bust my butt, I can have them done in time for the International Quilt Market in Houston. It runs from October 25-27, so I figure I will fly in early and take a looksey around Galveston and see what comes from there. Then, I will take my amazing designs and show them to some very busy people at the Quilt Market, and see what they have to say. Yes, I probably should just wait and send them in, but in this market today you need all the help you can get. I know they will like my designs, but besides that, you need to have a marketable image and that is me! Yes, I am modest (not!) but I have the personality to back it up. Do you?????

For the next few weeks, I will alternate my posts with things i've heard from my friends in Texas , and with the stuff i'm doing in the Nightclub scene here in Detroit. Man, do I wish I could tell you all!!! I have that Ddays column that comes out every Wednesday for Real Detroit Weekly. Stay tuned for more. I think I will just post what I send in to them as they edit the crap out of my articles. I'll have to post some of the going out pics also.


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