Fantasy Island part 4, Hott, McHard and Korean Whorehouses..... Published in The Galveston Wizard

Here is part 4 of Fantasy Island, my second article for

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Hott, McHard and Korean Whorehouses.………………………

I think I stayed on the beach for 4 or 5 hours that day. Of course, it turned out that Brandi had to work. Detour in the plan #1. My saving grace this weekend was T. If it wasn’t for him, my weekend would have been ruined. Brandi called and said hook up with T and you can stay with him, he‘s a great guy and my best friend.
T works in Houston and was stuck in rush hour traffic for over an hour, so he told me to go to H2O at the San Luis Hotel. Of course I was all hot and sweaty from sitting on the beach for quite a few hours, but I was game. I pull up in the Jag (always gets prompt service) and Shawn opens the door for me. Valet extraordinaire. I mosey around the bar area to where the hotel guests can sit on these great round daybeds. The back curves around ¾ of the daybed and you just want to crawl up and take a nap. I stumble upon this semi secluded area tucked in by the doors and just start chatting with this great couple. It’s funny that when you open yourself up (minds in the gutter?) to all possibilities, you start to attract the right people to you. That is what has happened since I first spoke with Ronnie at Yaga’s. That was the beginning of a great adventure and a whole new life. Again, I get distracted.
I’m just standing there trying to decide what I’m going to do when I notice Susie and Doug. Of course knowing me, I start talking to them and discovered that they were a great couple. Susie even gave me a myofacial massage on my head since I had a whopper of a migraine brewing. Two imitrex didn’t even get rid of it! At first I was a little resistant, (for about 5 seconds) as I had to lay down with my head in between her legs. For one brief minute I thought what are people going to think, looking at me like that, then I remembered who I was and decided not to care. Her massage did the trick, for sure.
They have the best story about how they met on Its crazy because they lived their whole life within one square mile of each other, went to the same high school (same graduating class) and went to the same college. They even lived in the same towers and Susan could remember hearing his band play but they never even had a conversation until 4 yrs ago. Susan went on and saw Doug’s profile and I quote ”Wow, it’s nice to see someone my own age (47) that doesn’t look like an old fart!” I asked them how they did it, stayed together and 4 yrs later are still obviously IN love. (Big difference between loving someone and being IN love!) How did they do it?, they don’t live together. Simple as that! Well, it’s not always simple so I enjoyed seeing them interact like that. They were sooo cute! They have friends that own the Bistro Lacroy, Tommy and Barb. I didn’t get to go there yet, but it’s on my list for next time. Plus, I wanted to meet Tommy and Barb when I go for a nite out. The Bistro is even on the Ghost Tour. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing, I’ll have to try that out. Ooooh, good idea! Lets get a bunch of our friends and go! Get silly first, then get scared! Love that!
It was funny, Susan told me that a few weeks ago this Korean Whore House got busted around 20th and Postoffice. It had originally been busted 25 yrs ago and some of the same girls were still there! Ewwww! Well, Galveston is a port city after all. Susan, who is quite naughty, asked Barb if the Whore House was on the Ghost tour and she almost had a heart attack! That’s there’s some funny stuff!


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