Acting Schools and Private Coaches: THE list

Once again i am posting a note from a friend and not an original work. My brain is going to explode so If you don't like it, go jump off a building! This is a very comprehensive list of acting schools in Michigan and a few out of town. If you want to act, you need training. Even the most polished actors continually hone their craft. How else do you think they got so good?

By Donavan Darius

Many people have asked me how to get into acting. One step is to learn the craft of . . . wait for it . . . acting. Below is a list of acting schools and workshops. I will only leave notes for classes that I have attended and can speak from experience on. My comments are opinions based on my experience there. My personal philosophy is that everyone has something you can learn from. Find the school that is right for you and go with it. There are no favorites here, simply a list of resources. Some of those listed also offer Voice Lessons and childrens acting.

Also note: Most Universities and colleges have acting/theater courses and degree programs but I am not going to list all of them.

Michigan Schools and Workshop
Actors Loft
(Royal Oak)

The Actors Workshop
(Royal Oak) - Run by Brian Lawrence and Aida Munoz. A fun relaxed school that will teach you Method Acting based on the Sanford Meisner/Neighborhood Playhouse school of thought. They also produce independent films and theater programs involving their students in all aspects of the production.

Dramatic Arts Studio
(Ferndale) - Operated by Christopher Bondy this school teaches a no-nonsense approach to acting not based on any method other than Act! Act! Act! You will spend a lot of time in front of the camera in this class. DAS also sponsors an 'Action Acting' course in Wixom focused on stage combat, weapons handling type courses by Pat Potochick and improv classes by Pat Caporuscio.

Michigan Actors Studio
(Royal Oak) - Operated by Rich Goteri and Rachel Bellack MAS has a large staff and a variety of classes, including improv. The classes are fun and they have great extras like an 'open mic' night called the Actors Lounge and weekly Workshops.

Purple Rose Theatre

Gordon Michaels Studio
(Northville) - A student of The Neighborhood Plahouse (See below) Gordon Michaels focuses on the Meisner Method Acting school of thought. In the past his courses have included end of course 'auditions' before Casting Director Carrie Ray and Agent Olga Denysenko

Helen McCready Workshops
She has personally trained and successfully coached actors to learn how to get work during pilot & episodic season and throughout the year and will coach you on what you need to do to be successful! (From her website...I cannot personally endorse her)

S3 Workshops

Acting Coaches
Matt Lockwood- Read my post on acting 101 and 102...
Rio Scafone - 248.240.6647
SAG/AFTRA - 25+ years as a professional actor. Booking rate: 87%
Very intensive sessions, giving the actor tools they can use today, not ten months from now. Beauty of PRIVATE sessions- the focus is 100% on YOU.
 Focus on:
Psychology - getting out of your own way- NOW.
A.G.G. (Assessment of where you are now, Goals, Game plan)
Monologue prep & polish
Core & Masking, Foundation, Physical Placement
Character Map and Tools
Audition Technique for Film
Commercial TechniqueTopics of special interest to each specific student.

13/Woodard area. There is often a waiting list to get in, must book in advance. Can purchase blocks of 5 or book one session at a time. I also offer emergency audition prep sessions- to help prep you for that very important audition. 

Michigan Actors Studio

Miko Klubbz
Miko is the talented creator and director of paramore films. You must have thick skin to work with him but you will be glad you did.

Jennifer Kincer
Talented local actress and Voice Coach known for her work with the internationally syndicated THE WANNABES. Available for Private Acting Coaching if you are ALSO with her as a vocal student.

Presently, Jennifer has several commercials and films in her list of credits , playing opposite various Hollywood actors such as Eric Roberts, Daniel Baldwin, James Russo and most recently working with Director, David Schwimmer in his film, “Trust,”  to be release in 2011. You can see her list of film credits on IMDB or in the “Resume”  and “News” portion of this web site. IMDB: Jennifer Kincer

College Programs

New York Schools

If there are others not listed please feel free to contact me and I will add them. Also, if you want your name/class removed let me know.
A Detroit 1-8-7 snapshot. I could go on for days listing the talented Michigan cast and crew involved in this picture.
Here is a blog by Hope Cobb Crenshaw that discusses some of these classes and other aspects of acting.


Most Universities and colleges have acting/theater courses and degree programs but I am not going to list all of them.
Anonymous said…
It's good to see that there are a lot of acting places out there. I always thought that there were few and far in between. Given that there are many different schools, this gives aspiring actors the chance to really take a hold of their careers and shift them into high gear. Even if you think you are a "natural" actor, going to some private lessons wouldn't hurt much.
Moon Light said…
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