Fantasy Island part 1 Published in The Galveston Wizard

This is part 1 of my second article for the galveston wizard..... 


wasn’t a taxi in sight! That is how this trip started. My flight to come back and see y’all was very early and of course it took forever to fall asleep that night. I felt like a 10 yr old on Christmas Eve. Yes, its true. I have had a love affair with Galveston for a long time.
So anyway, I knew I had a metro car scheduled to pick me up, but as the full moon was shining, I pressed my nose to the cold window glass. There was not a car in sight. 4:30 no car, 4:35 no car. I called them at 4:38- Dude, where’s my car? Sorry, he says in a distinctive accent, we don’t have your reservation. Great! Now we have to pack up the kids and move to Beverly. No, that’s another story. Ha. At least Sydney
didn’t start screaming until I got out of the my car and said goodbye. Seriously, it only took 15 minutes from the time I put one foot inside the airport till I was at the gate. Helllooo? 15 minutes, you’ve got to be kidding me. Of course, I checked in online and I didn’t have to check any baggage, but I didn‘t think it would be that quick.. So I just moseyed on to the seats by the gate and eves dropped on some VERY perky people. Perky. At 5:30 in the morning! WTF? Hey, what do I care, I’m going back to Gali! I know, corny. I guess I’m somewhat of a dork. Oh well.
      Here’s the plan. Kurt, my friend up in Houston, whom I haven’t met yet, (but have
txt, emailed or talked to everyday for the last month) was picking me up. I’ll drop him off at Momentum Jaguar and take that very pretty red 2007 Jaguar convertible (yup, that was me!) down to G-town. Head to the beach, maybe hit some stores, take some pictures. Brandi (remember I do have a few girlfriends!) gets done with work at a 4 pm. We’ll go to her house, get ready and head out. (yes, tedious details, but these are needed for the rest of the story) We are supposed to go back up to Houston but after her nite out at H2O, we should stay on the island. She was hanging at H2O and this guy came up to her and asked if she was the one in the Galveston Wizard! Can you believe it, we’re (semi) famous, at least in our own minds! He said that he loved the article and so did a lot of people. When she told me that, I literally started jumping up and down. That is soooo amazing, it’s such a great feeling when people love something you’ve created! This is what was supposed to happen that first day, then Brandi, Chanel and I were gonna hang all weekend. What happened was far more exciting!

This is what happened........ TBC........................


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