Thanks for the Good times Galveston....part 2 Published in The Galveston Wizard

               Mold, Migraines and Waves?

           By the time Sunday came around we had already moved twice in the timeshare complex. We had to move from the first townhouse because the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom was dripping water on your head every time you used the crapper. Drip…..Drip…..Drip…… That does get old after awhile, not to mention the mold covering the ceiling. It was all puffy like moldy cottage cheese. The second and last townhouse was better, at least you could see the gulf from the patio. It was also very loud and every night you had a beautiful display of traffic lights flashing on your walls. I decided to call those lights “mood enhancers” But they are newly refurbished! Most of the furniture was chrome, with glass tables. The couches were so well loved you just sank into them. I was getting ready to go to the beach when my babysitter comes running up the stairs and tells me that a cockroach was crawling along the side of the couch. Of course she was too freaked out to kill it, so for a couple days we were afraid to sit on the furniture. Good Times!

      I feel my mind clear and my mood lighten as we mosey on down to the beach. The beach was lined with umbrellas with chaise lounges and kids were playing in the sand. Colin (my 4 yr old) lets out a yell and headed for the waves. Homer said that he knew the guy who rented the chairs out. We walk over and there is this very tall and highly tanned Adonis standing there! I think I was able to mumble hi and wish I had a burqa to wear. Lets just say I’ve found some of the best eye candy on the beach!
     As you walk down the stairs from the seawall to the beach, Frankie works the right part of the beach and RL (aka Ronnie, Leroy, or my favorite Buttercup!) works the left. No. they don’t “work” the beach, (of course maybe if the price is right!) they work for RL’s lovely Aunt, Mona Goodson, who owns WATERWORKS BEACH SERVICE. Waterworks can be found renting out chaise lounges, umbrellas, and boogie boards on the beach at 10th st. and 17th st. See you there!


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