Thanks for the Good times Galveston.... part 1 As published in The Galveston Wizard

I thought I would start off my blogging career by posting my first article (mostly unedited content) for the Galveston Wizard...Today, I think I will post alot of ramblings.....


This trip back to Galveston has been a long time coming. The last time I was on Texas soil was almost 12 years ago and I’ve been dreaming of coming back ever since. Seriously, I’ve been have dreams about Galveston 3 or 4 times a year. Most of the time they were more like nightmares, obviously I needed to come back!
I flew into Houston with (1) 2 yr old, (1) 4 yr old and (1) agoraphobic babysitter! Why, you ask? Because I was desperate!!! We stayed the first night @ Homer G. house. Homer is what I would call a gentle giant. My kids loved the crap out of him. He should have a whole passel of kids! He was that good with them. I could get them to listen just by telling them we were going to see Homer! (He’s one of my boys and manager at YAGA’S) You could say that my “Boy‘s” are part of, or are THE YAGA’S crew. Yes, I am a lucky girl!!! Homer was gracious enough to let us stay with him the first night because the moldy, cockroach infested, timeshare (Four Season’s on the seawall) would not be ready until the next day. We also stayed the last two nights at Homer’s, because I refuse to fly hung over with 2 kids and a agoraphobic babysitter!

                       DOG FIGHT……..

The next morning, I am tired and jet lagged. After all, there is a one hour time difference between Michigan and Texas! I traipse down the stairs (Homer’s apt is on the second floor of a house by the seawall, meaning that is a long walk downstairs hungover!) and have to step over 3 quite interesting looking mongrels, I mean dogs. The oldest looks like a fluffy Australian Shepard mix, with one eye, and could quite possibly have the mange. The second is a large hound dog with ‘ach-hm’ the largest set of co hones you have ever seen. They hang down to his ankles! Almost. I can’t remember the 3rd because I was drunk, hung over or detoxing most of the week. This IS Galveston after all. I have two small children and I NEVER go out at home, so I was having a grand ole time!!!
I start to get our luggage out of the car, I turn around and THE DOGS HAVE ESCAPED!!! Now, these dogs belong to the owner of YAGA’S CafĂ©, he also owns the house etc. Sheot! “One Hung Low” makes a break for it and as I grab for him, I get caught in the skeletal remains of a for sale sign. I spin around, do a double back tuck and proceed to put a large hole in my favorite pair of Banana Republic jeans! What the heck! I’m am screaming for help this whole time and I guess Homer was laying in bed at C‘s. apt. just listening and probably laughing his butt off.
I finally get two of the three dogs back in. (F.Y.I the mongrels were great with the kids!) All this while hobbling on one foot dripping blood down my very white legs. Don’t worry lads, they did not stay white for long… All this happened on my very first morning, welcome to Galveston, have a f*%#& nice day!!! I should have a “Made in Galveston” sign tattooed around the scar, bloody brilliant!


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