Well, I wasn't going create a new post tonite. Everytime I look at a picture from Galveston, I start to get  teary again. I'm already brewing a migraine. Ever since this past tuesday, i've been clenching my teeth so hard i think i'm going to start looking like John McCain. Yes, that was uncalled for, but i'm feeling pissy. I don't know how many of my friends in Galveston or in Houston were able, or smart enough to evacuate, but this helpless feeling is unbelievable.

Journalistic tendencies......

Besides writing for the Galveston Wizard, I write the Ddays column for Real Detroit Weekly.  Last night I was on assignment at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak,  and thank the lord the bartender changed the channel to cnn or I think I would have bitch slapped him. I might have felt better though. For the first time in years, I do not currently have cable so I have to find other ways besides the internet to get my IKE fix. I took my two beautiful children to the REC center just so I could watch in horror as the reporters told my that the restaurant where I first waited tables was GONE! The fishing pier, GONE! HOOTERS GONE! OMG, lots of tatas are out of work now!!! Yes, I'm a bitch. But at least I'm funny!!! What kills me, is that the economy in Galveston was still going strong as of three days ago. The owners of THE SPOT were making money hand over fist, as were most of the people working in the restaurants etc. along the seawall. FLOAT on the seawall is probably gone too. WTF? I just hope the new wall at YAGA'S that fell during the last big bad hurricane a few years ago is still up. At least last time the wall fell out, not in. We can only be thankful that the surge wasn't worse, or else quite a few of my friends that didn't leave might have been in big trouble. They might have been in trouble as there is no way for me to contact them. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, AMEN. GOD SAVE GALVESTON!


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