MARTINI SHOT ANYONE??? Detroit 187 wrap party....

Courtesy of The Whitney
         If you've ever been on set, its hurry up and wait. That is how the beginning to our evening started. I rushed, he waited, the roads were messy but we made it. To The Whitney where the wrap party was being held, to find a line of twenty cars or more waiting for the valet. The wind was biting and neither one of us really wanted to get out and walk the block or so to the entrance. So we waited, and waited. I really wanted one of THE GHOST BAR's famous martini's.

Courtesy of The Whitney-Ghost Bar
         One of the doors opened on the white stretch limo basically "parked" in front of us and who walked out to get to the ATM? Shaun Majumdar. As he picked his way through the snow, we just hoped we weren't going to have to jump out and save him from getting mugged. 

Moi and Shaun Majumdar

      As he yelled to his buddies in the car," Hey girls, lets just walk." I rolled down my window and asked if I could walk with them. Out walks two gorgeous girls and John Michael! I don't think I could have made a better entrance into the Whitney. My poor boyfriend had to wait in line with all the other cars but he couldn't miss me at the bar with one of the stars girlfriends just chatting away.

Hope, Cara, John Michael and Donavan Darius

  The third floor was packed as the D.J. was actually pretty good and the line to the bar was three deep. It was hard to drag the female stars off the dance floor but we managed to get a few good shots. 

Hope Crenshaw, Erin Cummings, Elena Ratiu, Donavan Darius

    The only thing I wished I would have done was chat with Tommy Flanagan alittle more. Poor me, I only got to hob nob with 75% of the cast and crew...... Please don't feel bad for me, it was a blast. And I didn't break the piano...

Not my fault!


Elena said…
Hope your blog is the VERY 1st one I have ever visited.. Its pretty cool.. (except my last name is Ratiu haha) I have an idea for you regarding your fabric designs. Call me when you have time and I will tell you about it..
Keep doing what you are passionate about and you will succeed. Think of the lightbulb.. it was designed incorrectly thousands of times before he got it right.. Talk soon - Elena

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