Thanks for the Good times Galveston....part3 Published in The Galveston Wizard

Part 3 of my Galveston Wizard article, Volume 12

Blew off?

     Since the last few days were laid back, I was dying to go out. T.and F went fishing every day and then they had “couples” time in the evening. I could have been the 5th wheel but nooooooo I wasn’t invited. I decided to make a few calls and very sweet M said she would go out to dinner with me. So we decided to go this great sushi restaurant (?) on 61st. Both of the owners can be found there on any given night. You hCheck Spellingave to try the seaweed salad, it was amazing. The taste was slightly tart and unexpected. Don’t forget to order the edamame, but please don’t eat the shell!! We sat at the sushi bar and were having a grand ole time when low and behold, T and his clan walks in! It seems like you can’t go anywhere on the island without running into someone you know. It always seemed like I wasn’t wearing a stitch of make-up and then I’d see someone I hadn’t seen in years…
     Now M is a marine biologist and she is trying to get a volunteer job on this “pirate ship”. They sail around the world taking pictures of people illegally fishing for sharks, whales and hunting baby harp seals. Usually the bad guys ram the boat to get them to stop taking pictures. So, you know what these guys do? They have a “Can Opener” on the side of their boat and they sink them!!!! Then they rescue the crew and everyone lives happily ever after. The End. P.S. Almost forgot to thank you M for the nightmare’s I had that night!!!
In hind site, I’m glad we
didn’t go crazy in the beginning of the week because it was ON starting Wednesday. Finally, I hook up with T, F, C and N. We hung out at YAGA’s for a few then we headed over to Tsunami. Let me tell you those margarita’s are amazing!!! I don’t think I laughed so hard in years. N is very funny and loooooooooves to show you the slide show of his kids when he is drunk! It was so cute, I think he even got teary eyed!! C is also a cool chic, she used to work at Hogs and Heifer’s in Vegas and also likes to hang with the guys. F hasn’t changed much either with his blond good looks and all.

                 My night out with RL

Since I didn’t want to leave my few evenings before the cookoff to chance, I knew who I could call that would take me out. RL! He said he to come by and then we would go hang out with some friends of his. I have my babysitter (the agoraphobic one) drop me off, and you could hear the kids screaming down the strand! Each night was louder and louder, by the end of the week, they knew if it was dark out and we headed for the strand, mommy was going out. I jumped out the door so fast and made a run for the nearest margarita!
     They were having a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that night at
YAGA‘s, so he had to work the rest of the night. No biggie, I figured I would just hang out at the bar. Low and behold it was 80’s night and the costumes were quite amusing! I loved the guy with the socks pulled up to his knees, plaid shorts and white shirt with the collar turned up. I think he even had a terry cloth head band on! Most of the people were from UTMB and I didn’t really know any of them. I did meet John though, at least that is what I was calling him all weekend! He is quite handsome with the coolest hair around. (blond) I knew he wasn’t from around there when I saw his “faux hawk” Guys, this is a great alternative to the hair just sticking up in front a little. The hair just gradually gets a little longer up toward the top so you can wear it up or down! Anyway, John is from the Midwest somewhere, he teaches Yoga and does something in the medical field. I was feeling good by then and that lasted all weekend!
I can’t forget to tell you about
Coby, he’s one of the waiters at YAGA’s and barely legal. Give him about 6 yrs and watch out! He has the cutest dark curly hair (you know the kind of curls all of us girls want) and very beautiful blue eyes. I’m was sitting at the bar, he walks by and say’s hi Miss Hope. I looked right at him and said “please don’t call me that“…I felt old! He replied with a smile, “I was being polite“. I hate polite. He never said that again!!!
I finally got sick of looking like one of
RL’s groupies. Again, sorry Buttercup! And decided to go hang out BEHIND the bar. It wasn’t that busy and since I have common sense, I knew when to stay out of the way. There are privileges to having friends in high places….
     Brittney, the other bartender was super cool and we had a ball! ! I had such a great time hanging with them. She is a total doll and a great dancer. She’s going to go to College Station and finish studying dance at A&M. Maybe we will see you on “So you think you can dance!”
So I’m sitting there thinking I was looked hot in my white
shirt dress. I thought it looked like a fitted version of a man’s dress shirt, which always looks hot the next morning especially if you didn‘t bring a change of clothes. Well apparently I was wrong. I had this nice but very drunk girl, with posh spice hair, tell me she loved my dress! It was soooooo 80’s. I did..not..know it was 80’s nite when I got dressed for the evening!!! Lovely!


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