Growing up a voracious reader, Hope would often hide her latest Vampire novel under her desk in class. Please note that this was PRE Twilight... We are talking Anne Rice Vampire novels like The Vampire Lestat! No wonder this led to a love of the written word, wit and the ever present sarcasm that will spew out of her mouth often before her foot is inserted.

As a pseudo-adult, she found herself finding jobs that would enable her to travel. Not for the love of the job but to get out of Michigan. First as a Marine Biology major at Texas A&M in Galveston, a Print and Runway Model in Madrid, Spain to a Flight Attendant for Northwest Airlines.

The Flight Attendant gig lasted for all of three months but what a three months they were which included three long Amsterdam tours. Marriage and motherhood settled her down but after divorcing she found her voice in a few cameo movie appearances (The Double with Richard Gere) and writing for a few local Detroit publications.

Hope seems to have a hard time deciding between writing and being in front of the camera but there is no reason she can't do both!  


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