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Depression…It hurts.

So many people said don’t tell anyone. I AM NOT ASHAMED, ARE YOU? I'm sure a least 75% or more of my friends have felt this.
It hurts everyone in your life. This is not a commercial for cymbalta, but an acknowledgment that the saying is true.  Most people have experienced depression at one time or another in their life. Mine has been awful, going on for years, not that you probably would have noticed.  I wish I could be truly honest about what I’m going/went thru, but then my ex husband would use it against me. I’m sure he would be in court faster than you can say Prozac.  But go ahead and try. I dare you.
Doesn’t someone have to come out of the closet and say that they are hurting? Maybe say, “Hey, I need help?”  Of course when you are depressed, you might not reach out for that help.  Yes, we are dumb asses. That is why YOU need to make the first move sometimes.  The symptoms aren’t always  noticeable but they are there.

I’ve had quite a few people tell me this last year how mu…

More people dying from painkillers in Michigan than Coke and Heroin combined.

 Two days after my post on overdosing, I see a article in the Detroit Free Press. It was about how more people are dying from painkillers than cocaine and heroin combined...... Especially kids...We know where they get it from. Parents, Grandparents, friends etc.|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

I didn't know that my friend had overdosed on pills not long ago. She was getting her meds from three different doctors and they didn't know about each other. Of course, isn't that what the pharmacy is supposed to help with? Making sure your meds don't interact with each other? I had thought that they were all hooked up to each other via the internet but i could be totally wrong.

 With alot of these meds, you forget if you have taken them, add alcohol and Voila! OverDose... Or a very bad reaction even without the alcohol. Most of these Medications that are overprescribed by doct…

To be or not to be, That is the question.

I have a friend who died recently. Did she accidentally overdose again? Did she die of natural causes?

They say killing yourself is the easy way out, obviously they have never thought about it.  The people that have, said that suicide is the hardest thing to do. That it takes courage to do hurt yourself in that way. I can see how life could be so hard and so very overwhelming that all you want to have is peace.

A month before she died, she gave me something very precious to her. Three days before she died she came over drunk and was extremely emotional. I can't count how many times she told me she loved me and my kids that night. I had just filmed a very emotional and physical scene and could barely stay awake. I really wish I had sat with her longer.  She was so sad that we were moving and would miss us terribly. Her best friend died not six months ago and now she felt she didn't have anyone.

This woman had such a hard and terrible life. Most people would have turned a blind…