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Potholes, Construction and our fascist police state.

Pot Holes BABY!!!

Pure Michigan Pothole spoofs, oh and our continuous construction! How many of us are sick and tired of the popped tires, bent rims and hours sitting in construction. My Dad, the wonderful father he is, retired from the Highway Division in Royal Oak a few years ago. It seemed all he did the road was fill in potholes. He told me years ago that there are products you can pave the road with that will not have to be repaved every year. Why will they not use these products? Its all about the money baby! Contracts with the state, contracts with different cities. Royal Oak is down to around 5 men in the Highway Division. There used to be over thirty. At least they are doing what they should! Don't hate the workers, hate the bureaucracy

Spoof from John Kerfoot!

These are awesome! please repost!!!!!  I am obsessed with these spoofs as they are so true...

Not a spoof, A real commercial for Pure Michigan...This is what the state is really about...Too bad no will be left to e…

Pure Michigan Commercial Spoof: Royal Oak and oh Hollywood hates us FYI!

And I am a born and bred Royal Oaker but this is hilarious. I found these while on tour in Utah.... Spoof from John Kerfoot...I am a huge fan!

I also discover from my mentor, David Farland, that in Hollywood they are definately fed up with us. One producer has trucks just sitting in Detroit waiting to see where they are going next. How nice... He has been working in Hollywood for years and is on the pulse of what is going on in Cali.

Dave wrote the Runelords series and is a New York Times bestselling author many times. FYI.

Again while I passed the T.V. of our lobby, what do I see on Fox News is Michigan! This time about the police having a device in their car that can read your CELL PHONE!!  We are living in a facist state and I am wondering what is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and what is!

Pure Michigan Ad Spoof....Awesome

This could happen to you!
Why is it my first night in Utah I see a PURE MICHIGAN COMMERCIAL?  We came to St.George for a writing workshop with David Farland, I really didn't think to see all the crap going on in Michigan while here. Is that really going to get people to come to our beautiful state and give the State of Michigan the money we lost? Is this going to replace the money lost to the residents by removing the movie incentive? I found a number of Pure Michigan spoofs.... Here is one...

These Spoofs are from Wonderkind John Kerfoot! Check him out please...He is hilarious....

Good Bye Fair City of Detroit...Hostile takeover anyone?

Yes........It is true.

Yes, you have broken my heart too many times and I will not put up with it anymore. The 5,600 pink slips given out, the film incentive cuts, wanting to destroy the unions and most of all the emergency financial manger thing. That scares the crap out me.

There must be a city, (warm climate a must) who will embrace my ups and downs, my craziness. The fact that i wish people would just say what they mean and mean what they say. No joke.

A place where it is green year and a mild 75 degrees year round. I'd like sugar plums to dance in my head all night long and see my beautiful kids happy forever.

I'd like to live in a bikini, paint, write and frolick with the dolphins whenever possible.  Shoot, i'd even live in a hut on a beach if it was warm most of the time. Travel the world with my children where they can get a better education on the train to Rome or Paris than here in second grade.

And never feel like I have the past few months.

 Then I will wake up …

Facebook.....Till Death do us part?

I have thought about erasing everything personal and turning my page into a "professional one". Come on people, why would you read my crap if it wasn't personal.  I have it from a NY bestselling author that if it helps me, then freaking do it. Now, two pages? Maybe. I just want people to read this shit and tell me I'm amazing or totally out of my mind. Is it so much harder to comment here than on Facebook?

I find myself totally addicted to this stupid social network and I know so many of us are. Many of my friends have helped me on good days and bad, but when you constantly check your fricking phone that is alittle much. Don't you think? I know a few who are on the damn computer constantly and it is alittle annoying. Shouldn't life be more interesting than digital friends? But I need you, even if I've never met 99% of you in person. Each one of you is special and I hate that the network is set up so that it is almost impossible to see exactly who you want …