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nascar lover!!!!

Who would have thunked?

I'm sitting here snuggled with my baby girl watching NASCAR and ENJOYING it!

This random thought led me to realize instead of putting my random thoughts on my facebook page (where there is not a lot of room) I should put it here. That is what this blogging thing is about right? I've been told that the most successful blogs usually are centered around a single theme, kind of like a successful business. Of course this blog is centered around myself, (not just my Galveston trips) and like how my mind works, this is a blog about the many different interests I have, the random thoughts in my head, so here it goes again!

I thought that my more recent interest in football was because of the arena football game, but as I sit here watching NASCAR on FOX, I realize that the t.v. stations have finally figured out how to make it more interesting to (people like me) watch cars go around, and around and around for hours, or hot men run around in tight pants! Before…


For The Galveston Wizard

They lost the championship game by 2, that seems to be the theme of my life lately. See, that is why this is a fairytale, because there are no such things as fairy Godmothers, no mice turning into footmen, and no pumpkin's turning into jaguar's! Oh wait that happened last visit!!! See, you never know, maybe I do have a fairy Godmother, and she will wave her magic wand, and POOF! my fairytale will come true, I'll wake up in my dream Victorian just blocks away from the seawall and we will live happily ever after............
Just like in "LOST" (the TV show), there is something about this island that keeps pulling you back. I know I can't stay away. I also haven't had anymore Galveston nightmares since I first came back in May and that is unusual, I've been having my "Galveston dreams" every couple months for the last twelve years. Of course, every time …