Fantasy Island part 6....... Beach Boys and Girls... Published in The Galveston Wizard

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Beach boys (and girls)……………….

It is such an indescribable feeling to have nothing to do but dig your feet into the hot sand and watch (people get eaten by sharks!) dolphins frolic in the waves. Or were those surfers? That is another story, again! I had to visit my other beach boy Frankie down on the beach in front of Float. That boy is one smooth talker. If you think you got game, go chat with him for a few. He has a slight twang reminiscent of a New Orleans coon ass. Which by the way is where his mother is from. His daddy is Sicilian and is BOI, as is Frankie. He started working down on Poretto beach for Leroy Naschke when he was only 16 years old. I think that is where became addicted to the beach lifestyle. You should see him swinging (actually his beach girl was swinging the hammock for him!) in his hammock while his employees run up and down the beach! Even though I say this, he does work his butt off , Ah the life! His employees were scurrying like crabs and he goes, Hey Hope!, why don’t you and $%^&& go get some food! Actually, that is even after I went to Float to get some smoothies! I tell you he better be good and you know what I mean…Ha! I felt like a gopher, I guess he just opened that pretty little mouth and we jumped!

Frankie is one bad a$$ MF! He logged 4 years in the Marines and spent time in the Middle East, Egypt and also Hawaii. Hawaii sounds a little funny after Mombassa, but Frankie was deployed to Mombassa after the embassy bombing there. I KNOW that boy deserved to see the surf after those “stops”. On September 2nd, 2001 his tour was over and then he finished his degree at a little private university in Hawaii called Hawaii Pacific University. His degree is in universal human resource management so he can “better handle his employee’s”. He is also a funny MoFo. (I love to swear sometimes, I don’t get to do it around my kids. They tend to copy everything you say! Swearing when you write is even funnier as people don’t expect it.) He basically “owns” the beach from 19th ST. to 29th ST and has since 2006. Frankie also is a beach genius, he noticed that no one had hammocks and added those to his inventory. Who wouldn’t want to swing in a hammock, on one of the most beautiful parts of the seawall!!!!
During the summer months he works his butt off and even I couldn’t get him to go out! I’ll just have to try harder next time…


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