One more reason to keep the incentives: The Paparazzi! $$$$$$$

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Who Says Paparazzi are annoying? Let them spend their ill gotten gains here!

Thank you Jimmy Doom for letting me post your wonderful article on one more reason to keep our incentive.....

Does Paparazzi State Have a Debate Team?by

 James JimmyDoom Graham on Monday, May 9, 2011 at 2:11pm

Crystal Method
I've had real guns pulled on me. I once had real police officers pull real guns on me during a movie shoot. (Submit those permits, people!). But I've never gone in my pocket and handed someone a bullet so that a guy with a gun could shoot me.
I read a quote today commenting on the Michigan Film Tax Incentive. One can only assume the person thought he was making an insightful statement expressing his opposition to the program once unanimously approved by state lawmakers.
" A good economy is better than a paparazzi state".

The proponents of keeping the tax credits in place have been arguing that not only are jobs created for Michigan residents, but the influx of out-of-state residents spending money here is beneficial to the economy.
It is a fact of our celebrity obsessed culture that if you are considered a "star", you will be followed by a horde of rabid shutterbugs, desperate to get one shot that insinuates you are pregnant, on drugs, or dating a valet attendant at a restaurant. Those celebrity photographers are known as "paparazzi". If the celebrity in question truly is in one of these predicaments, the paparazzi number in the hundreds.

Many celebrities find these people annoying at best. But they are,in fact, people. People who eat (taxed), and rent cars (taxed), and buy gasoline (heavily taxed) and reserve hotel rooms (the horse got last rites a few minutes you get it?) and pay cover at nightclubs, and shop for clothes...people who otherwise would have no reason to cross into the lovely state of Michigan.
The paparazzi is a tiny fringe benefit of the film industry that was thriving in Michigan and even on that fringe they still have a very positive economic impact.
To have a good economy, we need people in the state, spending money. The paparazzi do that. And who exactly are the paparazzi? They are, in essence, candid photographers.
The State of Michigan has a number of quality photography programs:U of M and Andrews University in Berrien Springs are two highly regarded institutions located here, and Detroit's Focus:Hope has a 10 month student photography program. One of the stated objectives of Focus:Hope is to train people who are unemployed and/or undereducated to become taxpayers.

On Set of 187
 The term "paparazzi" might have negative connotations in some circles,but people make a living at it.(According to, the average paparazzo earns about $27,000 per year).  If the state legislature has the foresight to continue a tax credit program that has spawned thousands of success stories and Ernst & Young documented positive financial impact, "paparazzi" can actually be added to the list of career objectives for Michigan residents. Is that bad for the economy? NO. Anything legal and taxable that creates jobs in Michigan is good for the economy.
I know that those in favor of saving the Film Tax Incentive have many metaphorical guns in their arsenal when arguing the factual aspects of this issue. I know I have mine. And it's nice to know that random youtube commentators like "nicklongbottom" are willing to give me the bullets with which to shoot down their opposition.

Note: These are not necessarily my opinions, but I agree with him! 


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