Potholes, Construction and our fascist police state.

Pot Holes BABY!!!

Pure Michigan Pothole spoofs, oh and our continuous construction! How many of us are sick and tired of the popped tires, bent rims and hours sitting in construction. My Dad, the wonderful father he is, retired from the Highway Division in Royal Oak a few years ago. It seemed all he did the road was fill in potholes. He told me years ago that there are products you can pave the road with that will not have to be repaved every year. Why will they not use these products? Its all about the money baby! Contracts with the state, contracts with different cities. Royal Oak is down to around 5 men in the Highway Division. There used to be over thirty. At least they are doing what they should! Don't hate the workers, hate the bureaucracy

Spoof from John Kerfoot!

These are awesome! please repost!!!!!  I am obsessed with these spoofs as they are so true...

Not a spoof, A real commercial for Pure Michigan...This is what the state is really about...Too bad no will be left to enjoy it!

 We are living in a fascist state and I am wondering what is and isn't UNCONSTITUTIONAL about all this.  How many cities will be taken over, until someone take's Snyder out?

And its All Synder's  FAULT...


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