Pure Michigan Commercial Spoof: Royal Oak and oh Hollywood hates us FYI!

And I am a born and bred Royal Oaker but this is hilarious. I found these while on tour in Utah.... Spoof from John Kerfoot...I am a huge fan!

I also discover from my mentor, David Farland, that in Hollywood they are definately fed up with us. One producer has trucks just sitting in Detroit waiting to see where they are going next. How nice... He has been working in Hollywood for years and is on the pulse of what is going on in Cali.

Dave wrote the Runelords series and is a New York Times bestselling author many times. FYI.

Again while I passed the T.V. of our lobby, what do I see on Fox News is Michigan! This time about the police having a device in their car that can read your CELL PHONE!!  We are living in a facist state and I am wondering what is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and what is!


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