Facebook.....Till Death do us part?

I have thought about erasing everything personal and turning my page into a "professional one". Come on people, why would you read my crap if it wasn't personal.  I have it from a NY bestselling author that if it helps me, then freaking do it. Now, two pages? Maybe. I just want people to read this shit and tell me I'm amazing or totally out of my mind. Is it so much harder to comment here than on Facebook?

I find myself totally addicted to this stupid social network and I know so many of us are. Many of my friends have helped me on good days and bad, but when you constantly check your fricking phone that is alittle much. Don't you think? I know a few who are on the damn computer constantly and it is alittle annoying. Shouldn't life be more interesting than digital friends? But I need you, even if I've never met 99% of you in person. Each one of you is special and I hate that the network is set up so that it is almost impossible to see exactly who you want to on your home page. Call me weak......I can go a week or so then I am back, but I find myself not surfing so much. Maybe I'm in remission.

Two of my employers tell me "you shouldn't put your personal crap on Facebook.  It makes us look bad. You represent us." Where has most of them been when I was yelling at the gods, why, why, why.  If it helps me to have somewhat total strangers give me advice or help me through a difficult time, isn't that good? Be professional they say. Professional? I'm am professional because I don't name names on here. YET. 

Why not get out all your vices and problems out in the open, especially if you are going to be in the public eye. It's going to come out sooner or later. You just can't hide anything anymore. If I can't hide, then guess what????



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