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Today, Kathy and Rose from Real Style answered all of my questions on how to save the movie incentive.  I want to share this with you. This email was sent out to all Real Style Extras. I hope to GOD they don't mind that I posted this, I probably could have asked first but that takes too long. If they get mad, I'll take this post down but anyone in the biz needs to read this.

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March 9, 2011

To Our Real Style Extras:

Last week, we attended the Michigan Film First Meeting at the Troy Marriott. As a result of that meeting, a game plan has been set in motion for our fight to save jobs in the film industry and to continue its growth in Michigan. First, you should know that this is an issue we can win but it will take a strong effort and sustained pressure.   Our Industry’s message to our Legislators, family, friends and community must stay focused, positive and concise.  Here are the three things you need to know and what you can do:

An important fact that we learned last week, was that there are 63 Freshmen or “first timer” legislators in the State Capitol who don’t know or understand what the film industry does here in Michigan. All of our legislators, and especially the Freshmen, need and want to be educated about Michigan’s Film Industry.  It is our duty and responsibility as everyday people who work in this industry, to educate and enlighten how the Michigan Film Industry has enriched our lives. In order to win or save the film incentive tax, we need only 56 votes in the Michigan House of Representatives and 20 votes in the State Senate in our favor.  How we gain these votes is of the upmost urgency and requires effort from you.

First: Immediately Contact your Representative and Meet Face to Face
On Mondays and Fridays all State elected officials hold “office or coffee hours” in their home district.  Contact your legislator (see link below), find out when and where they will be having these hours in your district, make an appointment, offer to buy them a cup of coffee, and have a 10-minute conversation about why and how the film incentives have impacted you.  Please be polite and respectful!
(Rick’s wrong link below).

Second: The Incentives are Working!  6$ for 1$
Thousands of jobs have been created for Michigan residents and many Michigan businesses have survived due to the film incentives.  The bottom line is that for every dollar that the State spends on the incentive, six dollars of positive economic impact is generated. To familiarize yourself with more truths and facts regarding the realities of Michigan’s Film Industry– please read the Ernst & Young study linked below.

Michigan film incentive study done by Ernst & Young link from the website

Third:  Attend Michigan Film First Rally Tuesday, March 22nd 9:00am-3:00pm on the East Steps of the State Capitol Building in Lansing
Click on the link below for information on finding out your local Michigan Representatives and their office hours as well as for information about the Rally:!___Michigan_Film_Tax_Credit_Working_for_Michigan!/HOME.html

Together we can win!  Please take action now and stay in the know. We are here to help so we will be in touch.  Thank you for all your support and efforts. And please, please, please...Be positive and keep all messages and conversation civil.

Thank you for reading.

Kathy and Rose


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