Its not who you know or is it???

   How many times have we heard “its not what you know, its who you know”.  What if that is all bulls$$%, and “It’s who know’s you?”   A very dear friend just put this question to me and I think its all true.  Its like which came first, the chicken or the egg?  I still can’t answer that one! Haha

Let’s take my son for instance. He is in Dark Fields and was killed like most cute kids in horror films.  But Colin was a good little boy, played well with others, didn’t complain and did a darn good job, if I might say so.  Guess what? A few months down the road the director (Douglas Schulze) gives another director Colin’s info and he was booked in a commercial with his tremendously talented mother!  See how that goes?

Here’s another “for instance”.  Let’s call this one Dave (Rumble),  David was working as a UPS driver. making good money, but decided he really really wanted to be in the movie business.  This was about 6 yrs ago, waaaaay before the wagon train of people from the west came knocking!  David took as many classes at MPI (Motion Picture institute) as he dared and set off for his dream.  He just couldn’t take being the hot UPS driver anymore and called up Douglas Schulze at MPI and asked if he knew anyone who needed help on a film.. Douglas made a call and next thing you know David was working on a small little film you might have heard of called 8 MILE! 

Now David is in utmost demand and working on an even smaller film called TRANSFORMERS 3. Guess if you know people, they like you and YOU HAVE TALENT, they are going to use you again.  So I guess its all three. Go figure.


This is very true. The people I know are more responsible for my success than "what" I know. I will give myself some credit though for having an amazing personality. I know this has played a part in my successes lol

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