National Lampoon's Federal Vacation... PART 2

Since the first trip on the train was just so much fun, we decided to drive to our next small vacation in Buena Vista, Virginia.  We were attending a writing workshop with World famous Orson Scott Card, of Ender’s Game fame at Southern Virginia University.  Orson Scott Card has authored many NY Times Bestsellers and a great guy to boot.  This was my first writing workshop and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I will get into more detail in another post.

photo by Hope

“Why didn’t you just fly you silly birds?” you ask.
“Because we were going to Washington, D.C. two weeks later you brat, and it sounded like a good way to save some money.” I said.
Maybe I can keep this part of the story short and just say that 9 hours in a car both ways, with two days of sitting still for 9 hrs a day in a class room is just what my ADD was asking for. The class was great but my bum hurt for days!
Oh, I can’t forget the part about driving thru the mountains with rain coming at us sideways.  Neither of us have ever driven thru anything like it, I was so nervous I was googling N.O.A.A. to see if we needed to duck and cover or maybe put out a sign on the side of the road saying “Danger….Flying Cows ahead.” Did I forget the migraine that started the day before we left? It started in class as it was so cold in the auditorium that I had to bring a blanket to wrap around my legs. Or maybe I was clenching my teeth because I was desperately seeking relief from my chair (cold metal) . Let’s say the headache medicine was good enough to knock me out for most of that trip home , but the flying cows woke me up!

picture by Comic Book Guy

Two weeks later I was packing once again. This time I was relieved because we were flying and if I saw any trees blocking our way or flying cows, we wereprobably going to be dead and then it wouldn’t matter anyway. Ever since I was a flight attendant for Nortworst, I mean Northwest Airlines AKA Delta, I have been more scared to fly than before I took that boring job. Now we did have a few good 24 hr Amersterdam layovers. Alas, another story.
I had never been to D.C. and was very excited because we were staying at the Marriott which was one block away from The White House.  THE WHITE HOUSE! They really should screen who stays so close to our Presidente! Our flight went off without a hitch unless you consider being squeezed into a tuna can fun.

Photo by Hope

 We soon found ourselves sweating with all the other tourists in 95 plus degree heat, 80% humidity.  I loved it! Better hot than the cold weather we usually have here in Michigan. I was definitely surprised by how beautiful the city is, most of the federal buildings looked like they were made out of the same material, so there was a cohesive feel to the federal triangle (as it is called).

Photo by Hope


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