How to handle a muddler..... Cuban Style.

Here is the way you can tell if a bartender knows his stuff. Making a Mojito that is!

1- He knows his way around a muddler, and is very good at it!

2- He knows size does matter and you need at least 2 inches in the bottom

3- No fake stuff here, only pure sugar cane or good old fashioned simple syrup.

4- Can't forget the lime. At least have a lime. 
"You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up"
and yes, there is no coconut in the mohito. Just a random thought!

5-Crushed Ice, perferably by hand. It just makes a better presentation.

6- Light Cuban Rum (if you can get it and we all love Cuban men, I mean Cuban rum.)

6-Top it off with Soda and you are a VERY satified customer.

I am obsessed as you can see since part of this post was in another post! I just added to it! muah.


I love Mojitos hahaha. Awesome topic choice. I had my first Mojito two years ago at Mr. B's

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