National Lampoon's Federal Vacation... PART 1

National Lampoon’s Federal Vacation…..

You would think since my last two trips in two months were disaster’s in transit, I would have balked at a third trip two weeks later.  The first trip a la AMTRAK to Chicago found us speeding along the rails merrily at 5 MPH for half of the trip.  Lightening had hit one of the sensor’s that trigger the crossing gates to lower.  This meant that the conductor was unable to figure out which gates worked and which ones did not.   Since we didn’t want to hit the old lady crossing the street, we chugged the line VERY slow. Consequently we arrived about 3 hours late to Chicago.  

The Blackstone photo by Hope

Don't get me wrong. We ha a wonderful time. We stayed at our favorite hotel, THE BLACKSTONE. This hotel rivals THE W! The decor is antiques mixed with modern and the view from our room was out of this world. We could see from the Art Institute to Shedd Aquarium. Of course we barely left the hotel except to jaunt to the Art Institute where I went alittle trigger happy.

Aslan? The Art Institute of Chicago. Photo by Hope

On our return trip home, we boarded the train to find ourselves in the middle of a tornado warning. UGGGG!  I suppose the officials at Amtrak didn’t want us swirling our way back to Detroit, so we sat in the station clicking our heels together for about an hour.  Why had I thought it would be soooo romantic to ride the train?
“There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home,” I chanted in my
head as if that would help. Actually I didn’t, but I thought it sounded good.
 Finally……… we leave the station and 45 minutes out of town, we stopped completely on the tracks. Stopped…. Completely.
“Sorry folks, there seem to be a few trees that have fallen on the tracks, we have alerted dispatch and they will send a truck out shortly,” the hated conductor said.

Photo by Hope

I looked at my very patient traveling companion (and love of my life), open the bottle of xanax and thank my lucky stars that A) the air conditioning was still working and B) we were not sitting next to the toilet again. Of course the crazy man (that they almost kicked off the train in Chicago because of his erratic pacing and muttering to himself) must have taken his meds also because I think we passed out at about the same time. Five hours later we start again on our, the sun just peaking over the horizon as we pulled into the train station. I would not have been surprised if we had alighted at Platform 9 ¾.    

Courtesy of London, Being Witty blog

TO BE CONTINUTED....        


Nicco Cobb said…
Sounds like another whirlwind adventure for our intrepid traveler! I have never enjoyed a travelogue as much as this (sorry 1 exception is Steve Martins latest twitterlog on his trip aboard a plane with an alien crew.) Hope to see more soon!! Ognicco

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