Just a fairytale?

Since I had a few comments that my last post was sounding like a penthouse forum, I truly don't want to disappoint. But...........Sorry Derek, no donkeys and no midgets and no afterparties. At least that night! LOL But my first night on the island......


If y'all don't know by now, H2O at the San Luis Hotel has one of the best sushi chefs i've every had, haha, I mean, Kenny makes the best sushi i've ever had! I've never been so entertained by eating fish (albiet, in a gorgeous setting) at a bar. I've thought many times that kenny would have the funniest cooking show on TV, he just needs to get discovered! Truthfully, there is more than one time he made me choke..........on his (sushi) roll.......We usually try to eat at his sushi bar every time i'm in town, as besides hooking us up on a regular basis, its a VERY good way to start the evening.

Sooo, Brandi and I discussed the finer points of... oh I can't tell you that! while we finished our sushi, we then walked the very long 10 or 11 feet (at least it felt longer than that) to the bar to partake in my favorite libation! THE MOHITO!!! Here is the way you can tell if a bartender knows his stuff.

1- He knows his way around a muddler, and is very good at it!

2- He knows size does matter and you need at least 2 inches in the bottom (of mint!). OMG, I truly didn't mean IN THE BOTTOM! haha (until i wrote it and rearranged the wording...)

3- No fake stuff here, only pure sugar cane or good old fashioned simple syrup.

4- Can't forget the lime. "You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up"
and yes, there is no coconut in the mohito. Just a random thought!

(I just spent about 20 minutes adding to this blog and it didn't get saved!) It was really good, I talked about the hot girl trying to make out me and a lot of other sordid things. oh well. I'm not up to retyping it just now. Sorry!


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