Fantasy Island part 7: Capt'n Jacks, Buckcherry...

Part 7 of Fantasy Island!

Capt’n Jacks, Sky Bar, Ultra Lounge and Buckcherry……………….

Again, I was blown off by Brandi and Chanel. It wasn’t their fault, as both ended up having to work , so T was gracious enough to escort me around town, again. We started the evening off at Captain Jacks, and boy am I glad. It has a very relaxing atmosphere and the manager Abe is a Riot. He shocked me when he told me how old he is. I won’t say exactly how old, but damn he looks great! Wonder if he looks that good with his clothes off? Oh, did I say that? Must have been that pesky devil on my shoulder!
Speaking of a devil, go see Brandon at Sky Bar. If you haven’t been there, it has a great sushi bar and they even make a great mohito. I know, mohitos and sushi don’t seem to go together but you’d be surprised what goes together well when you are in a great mood. Sky looks like it could be in any cosmopolitan city in the world and Galveston is lucky to have this restaurant and Sky is lucky to be situated in a great town. The bar is basically one long mirror and it reminded me of the movie Rising Sun, you can imagine naked people (yes, naked and we can‘t discriminate between the sex's) laying on top of the mirrored bar being used as sushi plates, banana leaves covering pertinent areas! No chop sticks please! (I didn’t know I had a kinky side). We really didn’t move from the bar as I was mesmerized by the devil in all black with dark eyes that peered into your soul. This guy could send shivers down your back with one glance! And yes he did!

We can’t forget Lauren, one of our bartenders. (I know it seems like I’m all about the guys, but I love men and there is a plethora of testosterone in Southern Texas, my lord!) Lauren is a great girl and immediately you feel embraced by her sunny charm! And it was raining outside! Hahaha. She was able to help me out of a sticky situation with tact and diplomacy, what ever that means. Thank you Girl! Have you noticed the Illegal (was it ever legal?) Human Trafficking signs around town? What is that all about? I KNOW what that’s about, but I’ve never seen signs like that hanging around bars in Michigan!

After Sky, we finished out our night at Ultra Lounge in the VIP with certain members of Galveston’s chic crowd and partied like rock stars with rock star’s. We were hanging out with the lead singer of Buck Cherry! Lap dances were going on and no, I wasn’t the one giving them! Shoot, I should have asked for one. I just like to hang low key! Yeah, sure! So, we are not lying when we say we partied like rock star’s that nite!!!!! Oh the life I live, sooo boring, I can’t stand it! Someone wake me up, actually, don’t. I like it here! I’m afraid this is all going to end all too soon…..Life is just a fantasy……Sometimes you just have to ramble…..


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