Muther Chukker.....

Last part of "Fantasy Island" for

Momentum Jaguar, Polo Girls and Muther Chukker…..

Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for, Polo at the Houston Polo Club. If you remember, last month I was unable to attend because I partied to much and lost my voice! This is their 80th anniversary and they don’t look a day over 60. HA. As you approach the polo field, you drive down a beautifully landscaped curved road. They even had bamboo growing along side the road to screen the road from prying eyes. I think a lot of people had already left to escape the upcoming months, where you feel like you are living in a Sauna. So, It was a little quieter than normal, but it made a great day to kick back and watch a little polo. Momentum Jaguar and my buddies Kurt Houser and Jimmy Olguin (Jimmy is the Sales Manager)
have a section next to the field and they sponsor the half time divot stomping. Yes, just like in Pretty Woman! I told Kurt I would help with the half time festivities and I think I managed to pass out a few glasses of wine in between talking and sipping wine! 

I loved watching these well muscled, sleek ponies, their coats gleaming in the afternoon sunlight. It was beautiful to watch the way they high stepped around each other, like military maneuvers. You could almost hear the Mongolian warriors yelling war cries as they rode the steppes of Asia. Wait, that was the announcer making witty comments about the players, Don’t think I didn’t notice you looking at me! (By the way, you are quite funny.) You could imagine that the mallets with a bamboo shaft and a hardwood head (sounds like fun!) were actually clubs and swords.
You could tell that this was a tight knit group, they probably grew up together etc, and they were very welcoming! Lara Bell of Wild about Houston, on 55 KTBU-TV was there and she had the coolest polo hat I’ve ever seen, not a Ralph Lauren hat, a polo match hat. She promised to get me one. Hey Lara, when are you going to have me on? Ha-ha! I even made a new BFF, (next to Brandi of course) Lily.

Lily is one hot chick, she has gorgeous green eyes and blonde hair that women would kill for! She owns a great catering company in Houston called Lily’s Events, I can’t wait to be able to hire her for my birthday party! Next life maybe…I really wish I could divulge what her first few words to me were, and they were hilarious. Lily is also an original polo girl and usually goes to the matches with her buddy of 22 yrs Andrew.
Let’s talk about Andrew for a minute. You should have seen him pulling into the parking lot on his Harley. Shoulder length blonde hair blowing in the wind, crisp white shirt and white pants rippling in the breeze. He got off his bike, raked his hand thru his hair, dusted off his clothes and walked right up to me! He asked ”where have you been all my life?”, I really wanted to write, he asks me to go get him a drink! Couldn’t figure out which one I like better as neither one was true! Actually, I didn’t even see him pull up!!! Too funny! That is just what I imagined he looked like on his bike! That was fantasy #4! After polo, Kurt and I got a $30 filet mignon to go from Papa’s. Ask him why we got it to go… They have the best fried asparagus and coconut shrimp, yum! And then we went home and passed out! The good life!
I left the next day and really hated to leave again, of course,! But it was a wonderful four days on Fantasy Island!!! See you soon………………………………...


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